New Year’s Eve in Sydney: Luna Park 2017 Review

The first rule of spending New Year’s Eve in Sydney? Plan! Unfortunately for myself and my visiting parents, we had seriously broken that rule.

The date is December 30th 2017. Myself, my mother and my father are sat around the breakfast table, croissants cast aside as we desperately consult google for advice on how to spend the following evening. I had come off the back of a long backpacking trip and my parents had decided to meet me in Sydney relatively last minute. Amongst all the other organisation we had to do, we’d never really got round to planning our New Years Eve. All we knew was that we wanted to see the fireworks in Sydney. Turns out, it’s not that simple. To no one’s surprise, the majority of ticketed events had sold out. We didn’t relish the idea of arriving at the non-ticketed viewing locations super early and camping out for hours, nor did we want to spend hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on a restaurant ticket in the harbour.

Finally, we settled on Luna Park’s Harbour Party, located north of Central Quay by Milson’s Point. Tickets were $169 each – still expensive, but not as bank breaking as many other options. The event consisted of rides, music, food and a bar, and a view of the famous Sydney fireworks.

As I was going with my parents, they were slightly concerned that they would be above the average age of the other attendees. While they were slightly older than most of the crowd, they did not seem out of place. One of the best things about Luna Park was the variety of activities on offer – it wasn’t just standing in a crowd waiting for the fireworks to start. While we gave the DJs a miss, we tested out some of the rides including the dodgems and the carousel. Before the event we had read that the queues were really long for these, but we didn’t find that was the case.

When it came to midnight we had found a small park area at the back of the event, which was less crowded than the main boardwalk, but still had great views. We grabbed some drinks and watched as the fireworks lit up the sky above Sydney Harbour Bridge. They were pretty spectacular and the atmosphere was amazing.

Overall, Luna Park was a great choice. Although it wasn’t cheap, it was reasonable compared to many of the other options across the city. The harbour party also gives you the choice to have a slightly more relaxed night like ours, or to party hard if you want to. Whichever you prefer, it’s a fabulous way to experience the magic of New Years Eve in Sydney.

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